Olive Oil Seminars

Olive Oil Seminars – Oliveoil seminars for consumers and oil producers, from Vasilios Frantzolas started in 2005, offering seminars about olive oil, in  Melissia, as well as, later,  in many olive-growing areas in Greece.


Oliveoilseminars.com was founded by Vasilis Frantzola, M.Sc. Food Policy, trained Taster and Olive Oil Quality Consultant.  Seminars last 8 hours and are designed for olive growers and producers, olive oil millers, standardizers, olive oil professionals and exporters. Up to now, more than 1,650 students have been trained as well as 110 olive oil mills, in new technologies for olive oil production and organoleptic evaluation. Since 2017, in collaboration with the National Organization of Italian Olive Oil Tasters, a 4-month training program is offered for the Certification of Olive Oil Tasters. Also, an annual Continuing Education Tasters’  Programs is now available, for those completed the certification program.