Despite the growing availability of climate information, many regions still face challenges in obtaining clear, science-based adaptation and mitigation options. Climate risk depends on hazards, exposure, and vulnerability, with the latter two heavily influenced by knowledge and climate literacy. As a result, economically vulnerable regions often experience more significant impacts from global climate change, as wealthier areas have greater resources to address the issue.


ClimEmpower aims to assist five vulnerable European regions in Southern Europe facing a combination of severe climate-related hazards and limited coping capacity. These regions were selected to represent diverse climatic conditions and climate change-related risks, while also grappling with significant socioeconomic challenges such as economic stagnation, declining demographics, and high unemployment rates. The project’s focus will encompass addressing climate change impacts, developing adaptation strategies, and tackling ecological and socioeconomic issues based on the specific needs of these regions.


ClimEmpower is focused on addressing a context marked by ongoing global warming, high regional vulnerability, and limited coping capacity in participating regions. Its strategic objective is to empower Regional Authorities and other Mission Users in five EU regions facing both severe climate hazards and inadequate coping capacity. The project aims to enhance their collective understanding of climate change hazards, risks, and resilient development pathways. It will support knowledge-based regional planning and development by providing relevant data, knowledge, and user-friendly decision support applications.


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