The Troodos area is situated in central Cyprus and covers around 137,000 hectares (1,370 square miles), which accounts for 45% of the total area of the Troodos Mountains and 15% of the total area of Cyprus. The area is divided into three districts – Nicosia, Paphos and Limassol – and ranges in altitude from 300 metres to the highest peak, Mount Olympus, which stands at 1,952 metres above sea level. The region comprises 110 communities with a total population of approximately 25,000. It combines significant geological interest with the unique natural environment of Troodos, a rich history of human settlement, and the local customs and traditions of the people.

To engage stakeholders effectively and gauge their interests and needs, a set of questionnaires was meticulously prepared and dispatched prior to the event. These questionnaires were crafted with dual objectives: firstly, to provide stakeholders with a glimpse into the topics to be discussed at the forthcoming meeting, and secondly, to enable the partners to gain deeper insights into the stakeholders’ expectations, needs, and proposed actions.

Attendees included a diverse representation from the public sector, underscoring the interest and potential impact of the initiative. The participants were drawn from a variety of sectors reflecting the inclusive approach and the broad spectrum of interests and expertise brought together for this occasion.

The hazards that were identified during the CoP meeting are Wildfires, Floods, Increasing of Temperature, Saharan dust, Drought.

In the image below you can find more information and the key points that have been identified: