O.N.A.O.O. – National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters – National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters (onaoo.com) is the first School in the world for the dissemination of olive oil tasting, in the line with the principles and programs of the founding fathers, providing:



  1. Official technical courses
  2. Workshops
  3. Online courses
  4. Certified Tasting sessions

The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters was the first in the world to popularize the technique of olive oil tasting. From 1983 to the present day, most of its institutional activities have been oriented towards training thousands of professionals who, by participating from every continent in courses and in the many initiatives related to the ‘oil planet’, have become important world reference points in this sector.

After 40 years, O.N.A.O.O. is now known and, often, imitated all over the world.

O.N.A.O.O. is not only training but, always from a super partes position and inspired by scientific rigor, it represents a place pf exchange, experiences, debates and defence of the quality of olive oils.