ClimEmpower Kick-off Meeting Sets the Stage for Collaborative Climate Action

Vienna, October 6, 2023 – The ClimEmpower project had its kick-off meeting from October 4th to October 6th, 2023, in Vienna (Austria). This meeting brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, partners, and experts to strategize and discuss  future steps needed for the project’s success.


The ClimEmpower project is on a mission to empower five south-European regions (Andalusia, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, and Sicily), which face high Climate Change (CC) risk and exceptionally low adaptive capacity, to enhance their CC-resilience. The project aims to establish regional Communities of Practice (CoP) and co-create resilient development strategies tailored to the specific needs and potentials of each region.


During this meeting, each of the 14 partner organizations introduced themselves, formalizing their roles and responsibilities. Patricia Molina presented Aquatec (ES), Miguel Angel Diaz presented CETAQUA (ES), Marilena Prisco represented Plinivs (IT), Marija Vurnek showcased FER (HR), Adam Warde represented ECMWF (GB), Ivana Tokalic OBZ and Renata Forjan OBZ-AZP (HR), Natasa Moumtzidou CERTH (GR), Petros Christou FRC (CY), Vincenzo Petruso Sicily (IT), Socratis Boutsis PSTE (GR), Evi Kazamia ANET (CY), and Francisco Cobos Andalus (ES) delineated their roles within the project and their tasks. Mario Drobics and Denis Havlik emphasized the important role of AIT (AT) as the project coordinator. In addition, members of the Project Advisory Board shared their insights and perspectives, contributing valuable input to the project’s strategic direction.


The project team aims to aid the regional administration in organizing the regional CoPs, where representatives of stakeholders will discuss their Climate Adaptation needs and capabilities, assess potential pathways towards a CC-resilient, societally just, and sustainable future and elect sustainable and CC-resilient regional development pathways that are best suited to their needs and capabilities.


Throughout the kick-off meeting, participants actively engaged in productive discussions, sharing valuable insights, and fostering a spirit of cooperation.

The ClimEmpower consortium anticipates close collaboration in addressing climate challenges in the months and years ahead. This kick-off meeting marks the beginning of a transformative journey toward a more resilient and sustainable future in the face of climate change.

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