Name of the institution OSIJEK-BARANJA COUNTY
Acronym OBZ
Country Croatia
Short description

Osijek-Baranja County (OBZ) is located in the eastern part of the Republic of Croatia. It has an area of 4,155 square km and a population of 248,026. Regional self-government is represented by the Prefect and the County Assembly. The county includes 262 settlements located in 42 local self-government units, of which 7 have the status of a city and 35 have the status of a municipality.
It borders the Republic of Hungary to the north and the Republic of Serbia to the east.
OBZ is a lowland area with an arable agricultural area of 212,105 ha. Agricultural production and food industry are the most important sectors of the local economy, followed by animal husbandry, wood and chemical industry. The development of OBZ is also helped by a very good transport connection (highway, railway, airport, river port).
As in the world, OBZ also records the negative consequences of climate change through the increasingly frequent occurrence of climatic extremes such as heat waves, drought, floods and other precipitation storms. The magnitude and frequency of high temperatures have increased in recent years and are expected to further worsen in the future. Irregular rainfall and prolonged droughts, combined with increased evapotranspiration due to extreme heat, also dramatically affect the agricultural sector and the irrigation needs of urban green spaces. In this context, ClimEmpower will analyze local climate changes and their effect on agricultural production and yields in the area of OBZ. The project will help transfer data and knowledge to key stakeholders and the interested public that will include the private and public sectors that can help address the climate change issues we face.

Key personnel

Ivan Anušić (Prefect of Osijek-Baranja county)

Contact(s) Romeo Jukić (Head of Administrative Department for Agriculture and Rural Development)

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