Name of the institution University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Acronym FER
Country Croatia
Short description

The University of Zagreb is the flagship educational institution in the country with 31 faculties, 3 art academies and various university centres and departments. As a comprehensive public Central European university, UNIZG offers education programmes in all scientific fields (arts, biomedicine, biotechnology, engineering, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences) and a broad spectrum of courses at all study levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate for more than 70,000 students. The University excels not only in teaching, but also in research, contributing with over 50 percent to the annual research output of Croatia.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is the largest technical faculty and leading educational and R&D institution in the fields of electrical engineering, information and communication technology and computing in the Republic of Croatia. Being a constituent of the University of Zagreb, FER has its roots in the Technical Faculty, founded in 1919. In 1956, the departments of Technical Faculty grew into four new faculties, Faculty of Electrical Engineering being one of them. The Faculty offers today substantial educational and R&D facilities including 35 lecture halls, more than 60 laboratories, Congress centre, tele-conference centre, central library and 12 department libraries, student restaurant, sport and recreation facilities on 43308 m2. The Faculty is organised in 12 departments which represent the focal points of education, research and development in various fields. The present research and educational staff comprise more than 190 professors and 202 teaching and research assistants and around 3300 students at the undergraduate and graduate level and 326 PhD students. All those numbers clearly emphasize highly spirited activities in teaching and research. The Faculty has developed valuable international cooperation with many research institutions around the world, either directly or through inter-university cooperation. Currently FER participates in 251 projects, both EU and national, financed by various grant schemes:

  • HORIZON 2020 – 22 projects
  • BILATERAL – 8 projects
  • COST ACTIONS – 12 projects
  • ERASMUS+ – 9 projects
  • European Regional Development Fund – 66 projects
  • European Social Fund – 10 projects
  • Other – 9 projects

The number of international projects in the last five years makes Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing one of the most internationally active institutions in Croatia.  

Key personnel

Predrag Pale
Marija Vurnek
Lucija Petricioli

Contact(s) Predrag Pale
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