Name of the institution Troodos Development Company LTD
Acronym ANET
Country Cyprus
Short description

The Troodos Development Company Ltd (ANET), uniting all the regions (7 sub-regions / 68 communities as a Leader Local Action Group to date and 110 communities at the Geopark level) that constitute the Troodos region and developing inseparable links, aims at their development and promotion. While promoting to solve the chronic problems faced by both these areas and the individual communities that make them up.

The company was established in January 2009 as a non-profit company without share capital. ANET is a reliable and effective development mechanism in the hands of organizations and residents of the sub-regions of Marathasa, Solea, Koumandarochoria, Limassol Mountain Resorts, South and North Pitsilia and finally Krasochoria-Ampelochoria.

The fields of action of the company are as follows:
• Education for every field of interest
• Improve quality of life for local residents
• Attract new residents
• Organize events (regional cooperation/ traditional groups/ local products)
• Promote Byzantine Cultural Heritage ‘UNESCO’
• Introduce agro tourism within local gastronomy and services
• Tourism development
• Improve agricultural income (designation of origin, agribusiness, information update – service and train producers)
• Create and promote arts and crafts
• Promote cooperation (cooperation and networking groups)
• Study the protection and revival of the area
• Promote Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark
• Natural Environment
• Culture and Tradition
• Social Solidarity
• Mountain sports
• View the status and identity of the region (highlight – view of the physical characteristics and uniqueness of the natural wealth through various operations of the company)
• Cooperation with the government machinery to solve problems
• Utilization of local energy resources
• European and other funding programmes

Key personnel

Evi Kazamia

Contact(s) Evi Kazamia
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