The Western Costa del Sol (WCDS) faces challenging climate situations. Common problems related to variability in water quantity and quality have been exacerbated in the last decade by increasing competition…

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Sicily, the most extended island in Italy, covers an area of 25,832.39 km2 and has a population of 4,782,457 inhabitants (data recorded in 2022). The region contributes 5% of the…

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Cars on the street flooded with rain.


The Region of Central Greece is facing several serious climate challenges, including: Extreme weather events Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, such as floods,…

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Zrnovnica, Split, Croatia - July 17, 2017: Massive wildfire burning down the forest and villages around city Split


The Troodos area is situated in central Cyprus and covers around 137,000 hectares (1,370 square miles), which accounts for 45% of the total area of the Troodos Mountains and 15%…

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Sunflower field. Poor sunflower harvest due to lack of rain. Climate change, global warming and drought have resulted in sunflower crop failure. Dried plant stems in a farm field


Osijek-Baranja County is located in Eastern Croatia and is mainly a lowland surrounded by rivers, wetlands, and forests, which created an abundance of reserves, parks, lakes, and ponds that later…

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